New York and Staten Island are home to some of the most beautiful condominiums, apartments and high-rise properties in the world. Residents living in these properties want only the best, most efficient and dependable property management services taking care of their attractive homes.

That’s why EWC Property Management is the most requested property management company around NY and Staten Island. We have an in-depth understanding of what is needed to exceed the expectations of property owners who want superior services and immediate results.

Our goals are twofold: to skillfully manage all administerial and maintenance aspects of community living and to ensure properties remain in compliance with ordinances and laws. Another challenging part of managing properties is enforcing rules essential for promoting the highest quality of life in any community. Our Staten Island property management team excels in defusing problematic situations and helping community members find ways to abide by rules that are acceptable to them.

Staten Island Property Management Services

Our consummate staff handles all maintenance requests expeditiously. If a community member requires maintenance performed, we ensure that request is sent to the appropriate person. In addition, our online portal makes it simple for residents to pay their bill. All they have to do is click a link that will send them to a payment page where they can make the payment in less than a minute.

EWC Property Management’s website also provides access to individual homeowner account information whenever that person wishes to access. Information is stored safely and securely in offsite servers protected by the latest cybersecurity technology.

When members want to find and read certain community documents, they can do an easy-to-perform search using keywords relating to their search, such as bylaws, common charge letters and end of the year financials.

Additional services and responsibilities we offer include:

  • Maximizing the net income of your property
  • Screening tenants to avoid future issues with potentially problematic tenants
  • Preparing and negotiating leases
  • Ensuring proper maintenance on the exterior and interior of your property and grounds
  • Collecting maintenance fees and rent from community residents
  • Sending monthly invoices and statements to owners and tenants
  • Filing yearly tax forms
  • Complying with regulations regarding the scheduling of property inspections
  • Preparing and submitting necessary federal, state and city forms according to local and state laws

Contact EWC Property Management for Immediate Assistance

We have many years of experience managing properties for condominium associates, multi-family communities, co-ops, office buildings, commercial businesses, homeowner associations and even manufacturing and industrial complexes. So start enjoying the benefits of fewer legal issues, improved tenant retention, help with the time-consuming process of filing taxes and many other advantages to hiring an expert Staten Island property management company by calling us today.