With a comprehensive background involving the implementation of lucrative solutions designed to manage the needs of commercial property owners, EWC Property Management excels in skillfully supervising and directing resources where demanded while maximizing property values for our clients. In addition, we provide customized financial reports and expert development of management plans for your commercial property’s portfolio.

EWC Management’s history of 100 percent customer satisfaction is based on accomplishments that have earned our team a stellar reputation as a dedicated, proactive commercial property management company. Combining extensive property management experience with integrity, ingenuity and creativity, EWC Management personalizes all services we offer to consistently achieve desired occupancy rates and financial performances that meet or exceed your expectations.

Commercial Property Management Services

What we offer:

  • Supervision of vendors related to maintenance personnel
  • Initiating maintenance programs for implementing preventive upkeep of parking lots, roofs and buildings
  • Provide maintenance supervision of emergency or ordinary alterations/repairs
  • Regularly analyze service contracts to evaluate their cost-effectiveness and to determine if an alternative contractor may be more advantageous to the client
  • Provide financial reports every 30 days
  • Collect rent and miscellaneous charges
  • Consistently review active leases and assemble abstracts of current leases
  • Maintain a precise expense ledger that includes bank reconciliation reports, bank statements, rent rolls and, if applicable, tenant sales descriptions
  • Ensure promissory note, ground lease and mortgage payments are in compliance with mortgage documents
  • Verify and remit improvement evaluations and personal property and real estate taxes
  • Employ diligent means to enforce accordance of leases and immediately notify owners if an entity is in the process of defaulting or has defaulted
  • Perform many other tasks at the owner’s request

If you own commercial property and want to maximize the value of your real estate, increase cash flow, improve your return on investment and retain dependable, quality tenants, contact EWC Management today to learn more about our services, our commitment to your success and what exactly we can do for you to advance your position in the competitive world of commercial property management.